Mina micro

King Of microblading

We take care of your beauty and your mood .

About us

Whos Mina Micro

He started managing major beauty centers in Cairo in 2017. He was later given the name Mina Micro due to his extensive expertise in this field.

Then, in 2020, he opened the first beauty center under the name Mina Micro in Cairo. The business expanded, and three branches were opened in different areas of Cairo.

Furthermore, he began offering courses on the microblading technique and lip augmentation due to his exceptional proficiency in these areas.

Our Services

We provide everything related to your beauty needs. This includes hair treatments, coloring, and extensions. We also specialize in eyebrows, eyelashes, and long-lasting makeup. Additionally, we offer skin cleansing and tattoo services.

Everything related to hair:

Various hair treatments
Hair coloring
Hair extensions

All micro techniques related to eyebrows.


All types of long-lasting makeup:

Lip augmentation and definition
Mascara alternative
Cheek contouring

pampring your self

Eyelash extensions
Skin  Care

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